1)terms of the policy formulated in the masculine form for convenience only, but all it said referring to women and men alike
2) Each operation on the site declares that it is aware of policies the site and the rules of participation on the site and recipient, and that he and / or anyone on his behalf any claim and / or suit against the owners and / or operators and / or their representatives except for claims related to breach of obligations of the owners and / or operators in accordance with policies.
3) Provisions of these regulations apply to all users of the site and will constitute a legal basis for discussion between you and the Please read carefully the terms for articles of agreement obtained is Binding agreement between you and the Company
4) Reserves the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time formulation.
Any change in wording of the regulations shall take effect immediately upon being posted on the site.
5) Only rules promulgated regulations will require the Company to the members of the site

Right to purchase and use of the site

1) Allowed to purchase products on the site Anyone with an international credit card. One’s valid credit card companies, registered in the name of the client, network e-mail and cell Internet, subject to the following sections.
2) If you are a minor (under 18) or a guardian, will see the use of the Website
OK if you get legal guardian
3) The Company reserves the right to deny access to sales and / or cancel the participation and / or rights of users whose behavior is inappropriate, or not according to the rules of participation and / or trying to hurt sales in the management of the database installed and / or intentionally provided incorrect information and / or who has committed an act or omission which harm or may harm the Company and / or any reason and / or who had used the services of the company to act contrary to justice, and / or who breach the terms of these regulations and / or who provided the company had deliberately given false and / or unintentionally and / or credit card who has blocked or restricted.
4) To complete an acquisition, the buyer will be required to fill out personal information Including his e-mail information Web site. Filling out information is a condition for an acquisition


1) paypal
2)western union-contact by mail-uniqueglasses@.
3) The product remains the property of “” until the customer has paid the purchase sum in its entirety.


1)all prices listed on the site are in us dollar.
2) shipment include in price
3) Reserves the right to change prices and promotions on the Site Without prior notice. Price is the price which penalty will be provided when making The acquisition.


1) Pictures of the products shown on the site represent the source product
2) There is no warranty on the products provided to buyer
3) All products are original from the best manufacturers in the world
4) vintage products could come with slightly defects

Shipping, delivery and temporary increases in supply

1) The shipment of the product will only take place when payment in full has been received
2) the shipment will be by EMS-express mail service when the pruduct is cost more then 400$,under 400$ the shipment will be by registed mail.
3) Product delivery time is up to 14 working days (excluding weekends and holidays)
4) All shipments are fully insured
5) the customer will immediately receive a shipping number after the shipping of the product
6)the shipping include in price.
7) The company does everything possible to prevent delays in providing customer order, but shall not be
Responsibility for delays or delays resulting from reasons that are not under its control, such as events
Result from force majeure and / or events that are beyond its control such as strikes, sanctions, wars,
Terrorist attacks, natural disasters and the like.
8)list of countries that working with Ems-usa,australia,iceland,south africa,italy,ireland,belgium,england,germany,netherlands,turkey,jordan,spain,poland,czech republic,france,russia,switzerland,india,taiwan,mexico,canada,hong kong,japan,china,singapor,philippines,thailand,argentina,brazil,new zealand,indonesia,cuba,colombia,bolivia,costa rica,bahama,gibraltar,malaysia,ukraine,ethiopia,bulgaria,belarus,georgia,denemark,greece,moldova,norway,finland,romania,sweeden
9)A country that does not work with ems shipping will be by registered mail

Cancellation Policy

1) The customer can return the product (in its original state) within 14 days. The term begins on receipt of the product by the customer
2) Cancellation of the transaction will be done by contacting by email- uniqueglasses@.
3) The company may charge a cancellation fee from the buyer transaction and shipping for canceling a transaction
4) In case of cancellation of the transaction the buyer must return the product in its original packaging and not used for anything
5) If a product is used during the 14 days and it is damaged will not be possible to cancel the transaction.
6) The amount which the customer will be credited the price of the item minus cancellation fees and shipping deal.
7) when the product is on sale price , the costumer can not cancel the order and he can only switch to another model at same sale price.


1) Personal information submitted when you buy will retain the company’s databases.
2) Will not pass your personal information with third but in the following cases:
– If carried out an act or omission which harm or may harm the Company or any third parties, including customers site or if you are using the website services for illegal or to allow, facilitate, aid or abet the commission of such an act.
-If you violate the terms of these regulations
-Received by the company court order instructing it to transfer your details to third parties
-Any dispute, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the Company.

Intellectual Property

All copyright and intellectual property of any kind, in connection with any advertising, content, writing, design, application, file, software and other materials, whether tangible or abstract published on this site, or on behalf of running this site is owned exclusively by the site operator. Do not copy, distribute, publicly display, give to third parties or used for any commercial or non commercial, without obtaining the express consent of the site operator, prior written consent. The aforesaid shall not prejudice to the rights of third parties publishing content on the site through various agreements between the site operator and those aspects.

Law and Jurisdiction
Interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and / or any dispute arising from it will be under law only
Customer Servie-mail-